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2006 Hugo Awards and John W. Campbell Award Winners

Best Novel

Best Novella

Best Novelette

Best Short Story

Best Related Book

Best Dramatic Presentation, Long Form

Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form

Best Professional Editor

Best Professional Artist

Best Semiprozine

Best Fanzine

Best Fan Writer

Best Fan Artist

John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer

[Not a Hugo. An award for the best new writer whose first work of science fiction or fantasy appeared during 2004 or 2005 in a professional publication. Sponsored by Dell Magazines.]

There were 533 valid nominating ballots received from L.A.con IV and Interaction members (434 electronically; 99 by mail and fax).

The Best Interactive Video Game category, added to the nominating ballot this year by the L.A.con IV Committee, has been dropped because of a lack of interest (as per Section 3.6 of the WSFS Business).

This is the second year of the transition to the new Campbell eligibility rules, where now all professional publications count towards eligibility rather than just those with a print run of over 10,000 copies. During this time, nominees who were eligible under either the old or the new rules could be placed on the ballot even if they had small press publications prior to 2004. Next year, only writers eligible under the new rules will be allowed on the ballot. (The initial press release listing the 2005 Campbell nominees mistakenly said that K.J. Bishop and Chris Roberson were in their second year of eligibility, when in fact it was their first year.)

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For additional information on the Hugo Awards, the Hugo Award Ceremony at L.A.con IV, and more web links, please see our Hugo Awards page.

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